VD4-CS: one breaker, full control, zero transient

Noise-free power quality by safe and reliable switching and protection of capacitor banks

VD4-CS is the unique solution based on new vacuum interrupter technology and an innovative actuation systems up to 38kV, 1250A, 31.5kA and with superior noise-free performances, to support your business needs in reactive power compensation

Key benefits

  • Inrush elimination thanks to high accuracy in controlled switching technology
  • Up to 5-times higher performance than the market standard with 10,000 maintenance-, inrush- and restrike-free operations.
  • Enables elimination of inrush limiting reactors and resistances, leading to significant cost and space savings
  • Cost saving by as much as 20%, using same ratings, same interfaces of existing MV substation thanks to optimized footprint equivalent to standard distribution breakers
  • Reduced total cost of capacitor bank operation due to elimination of downtime for breaker overhaul and a lifespan 5 times the market standard, with predictive health indication
  • Fast and reliable support thanks to ABB’s global footprint
  • Assets optimization having both circuit-breaker and capacitive switching devices in one single solution
  • Enables increased lifespan of capacitors by more than 10% in e.g. 3 years

Key features

  • Embedded advanced diagnostics
  • Up to 38 kV, 1250A, 31.5 kA
  • 10,000 maintenance-free and noise-free operations

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