Fault current limiter Is-limiter

Customized fault current limiter solution that meets the highest requirements for critical and complex applications resolving all possible short-circuit challenges

The Is-limiter can be used in various applications providing a very high and fast fault-current breaking capability at high operating currents.
The most common applications are the connection of two independent systems, bypassing or replacing of a current limiting reactor, and connecting additional power sources (ie, generator or grid connection).

The Is-limiter can be designed for more complex applications when one-directional short-circuit limitation (ie, interfacing of public networks and consumer owned power supply systems) or short-circuit protection for specific parts of the system (ie. inhibiting operation for faults in the transmission system) is required. Beyond that, many more customized solutions are available

Key benefits

  • High adjustability and flexibility to adapt to system changes.
  • Protection concept optimized by extended tripping criteria providing high accuracy to avoid unnecessary tripping.
  • Project-related detailed engineering tailored to customer needs.
  • For individual solutions that fullfill the highest requirements of critical applications like achieving Tier 4 availability level for data centers.
 Key features
  • Detailed consultation and system integration support for our  Is-limiter solutions.
  • Selective fault-current limitation in complex systems with several interconnected  Is-limiters.
  • Available as individual component and fully type-tested switchgear covering low and medium voltage ratings up to 40.5 kV, 5,000 A and 210 kA rms breaking capability.
  • Implementation of the project-specific setting values for the instantaneous current and rate of current rise (di/dt).


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