Indoor current transformer cable KOKM

Current transformers cable type KOKM are suitable for measuring of phase currents in medium voltage switchgear.

A current transformer without primary conductor and primary insulation of its own, which can be mounted over an insulated cable or an insulated busbar.
Series KOKM current transformers can also be used for measuring the phase current at voltages even higher than 0.72 kV (for KOKM 06 or KOKM 072) or 1.2 kV (for KOKM 1), if the insulation of the high voltage primary conductor fulfils the respective standards for the operating voltage.
Current transformers KOKM 072xA are designed for use with self-power relays.

Product scope

Highest voltage for equipment............  0.72 kV or 1.2 kV
Primary current...................................  max. 10 000 A

Key benefits  

  • Can be used in AIS and GIS panels
  • Fits everywhere thanks to wide variants of inner dimensions
  • Easy mounting thanks to fixation point on transformer body
  • Specific types are specially designed with secondary current of 0,075 A for self-powered relays REJ 603 and Woodward self-powered protection relays

Key features

  • For rated primary currents of up to 10000 A
  • For measuring residual current
  • With up to 6 secondary terminals
  • Variant with sealable secondary cover available

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