Passive voltage indicator VisiVolt™

VisiVolt™ – Passive Voltage Indicator is a busbar-mounted-type indicator of voltage presence developed to be used in outdoor and indoor systems, 3-36 kV

The VisiVolt™ can be easily and permanently installed on busbars and naked or insulated metal conductors in medium voltage systems. VisiVolt™ indicates the presence of voltage by displaying a large, well visible lightning arrow sign on its LCD.

The VisiVolt™ silicone elastomer enclosure ensures performance in outdoor conditions while its fluorescent orange color provides good visibility among the other elements of the system. 
Main specifications
Nominal voltage (Un) kV
3.0 – 6.0*
6.0 – 15.0
13.8 – 36.0
Maximum voltage kV
3.6 – 17.5**
17.5 – 40.5**
* - On not insulated (bare) circular-section conductors and on bars of width up to 30mm
** - Depending on pole distance (see recommended minimum clearances)
 Key product features:
  • Applicable on any unscreened medium voltage system
  • Information on voltage presence available all the time
  • Economical solution
  • Maintenance free; passive device - no power supply needed
  • Can be installed on any unscreened medium voltage system: on busbars, conductors (unshielded, naked or insulated of any typical diameter or cross section)

Compliance with standards:
- Threshold of indication of voltage presence below 45% of nominal three-phase system voltage is in line with IEC 61243-5 and IEC 61958
- Withstand voltages and withstand fault currents are in line with IEC 60694
- Resistance to moisture ingress tested according to IEC 60099-4

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