ANSI/IEC outdoor gas insulated switch disconnector Sectos NXA

NXA switch designed to resist the most demanding climatic conditions, rated voltage 24 and 36 kV, rated current 630 A

The NXA is an SF6-insulated pole mounted switch disconnector suitable for both conventional overhead lines and BLX type lines with insulated conductors and specifically designed for use in modern tele-controlled distribution automation systems. The NXA offers reliable maintenance free operation even in the most demanding climatic conditions including salt laden atmospheres, corrosive industrial pollution, snow and ice.

The corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure is hermetically sealed. All electricall parts are installed inside this enclosure where they are protected against all environmental attacks.

Additional Information
SF6 provides excellent load breaking capacity, high insulating ability and invincible arc-extinguishing performance. This means enhanced safety for both operating personnel and the public, and considerable improvement in the reliability of the electricity supply.

The Sectos NXA is adaptable to many forms of installation. All manual operating mechanisms can be replaced by monitor operators. Thus a manually operated switch can easily be converted to a remote controlled line switch or locally automated sectionalizer without great cost.

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