Digital annunciator unit SACO 16D3

The SACO 16D3 is used in a variety of applications requiring supervision of alarm and signalling contacts in power plants, substations and industrial process installations.

The SACO 16D3 is a flexible, field-customizable 16-channel digital annunciator unit. It is used in a variety of applications to supervise alarm and signalling contacts in power plants, substations and industrial process installations. The alarm unit is also approved for use in offshore installations and marine applications. Further, the annunciator unit can be used in any application where on/off signals are to be supervised.

This annunciator unit provides immediate fault recognition, fault identification and visual and audible alarm when an abnormal process situation occurs. The annunciator unit also provides a means for subsequent fault analyses, which means that corrective measures can be carried out without delay and full control of the process can be maintained.

The SACO 16D3 annunciator units can be used either as independent stand-alone units, or they can be connected together via a fibre-optic bus to form complete supervision, event sequence reporting and data acquisition systems.


  • Powerful, flexible and field-customizable 16-channel annunciator unit

Product benefits

  • Cehntralized alarm panel

Product features:

  • Four +16 output relays: two for group realarms, one for an audible device, one for the self-supervision system and an additional sixteen relays for use as field contact follower outputs or group re-alarm outputs
  • Parameter selection and adjustment from front panel or via serial interface
  • First-out alarm indication with clear four-digit display on the front panel
  • Extensive data communication via the serial interface and the SPA bus
  • Sophisticated hardware and software self-supervision system for maximum operational reliability under the most demanding environmental conditions
  • Powerful software support for parameterization of the unit via the serial interface
  • Member of the SPACOM product family, ABB’s Distribution Automation system
  • CE marking according to the EC directive for EMC

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