Advanced recloser protection and control RER620

Reliability, security, and dependability with Relion®

RER620 is a dedicated recloser relay perfectly aligned for the protection, control, measurement, and supervision of utility distribution feeders and industrial power systems. RER620 provides protection for overhead lines and cable feeders in distribution substations. It can be applied for protection and control of grounded and ungrounded distribution systems.  Offering time and instantaneous overcurrent, negative sequence overcurrent, phase discontinuity, breaker failure, embedded loop control performing automatic loop restoration functions (commonly accepted as a means to significantly improve circuit reliability and to provide more effective system operation), and voltage metering and protection.

RER620 is a member of ABB’s Relion® product family.


  • Recloser protection for overhead lines of distribution substation

Product benefits

  • Maximized capital by keeping assets working longer with designs that require less equipment and space
  • Enhanced safety by reducing hazards with safety-conscious designs
  • Increased reliability by maintaining vital operations with steady, high-quality power every minute of every day
  • Reduced operating costs with effective energy management and maintenance strategies
  • More flexible system upgrades without rewiring or changing components
  • Ease of integration with non-proprietary IEC 61850 communications

Product features

  • Drawout design
  • Supports both single- and three-phase tripping for improved feeder performance
  • Scalable hardware including binary inputs/outputs, different communication interfaces
  • Applications such as recloser, switch, and sectionalizer can be accessed easily through the Application Configuration Tool (ACT) from the PCM600 tool
  • Field data from recloser control, sequence of events, digital waveform recording, advanced metering and setting can be easily retrieved through a web browser
  • Supports IEC 61850 and GOOSE messaging communication protocols for high-speed protection, fault isolation and service restoration

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