Motor protection REM611

REM611 is a dedicated motor protection relay for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of asynchronous motors in the manufacturing and process industry.

Typically, this protection relay is used with circuit breaker or contactor-controlled medium- and small-sized motors in a variety of drives, such as pumps and conveyors, crushers and choppers, mixers and agitators, fans and aerators.

REM611 is a member of ABB's Relion® family and part of its 611 protection and control product series.


  • Motor protection relay

Product benefits

  • Preconfigured functions for motor protection application
  • The relays are delivered preconfigured and factory-tested to shorten engineering and commissioning time
  • Self-healing communication based on HSR/PRP using an optional second Ethernet bus
  • The compact design makes it suitable for both new and retrofit installations
  • Withdrawable plug-in unit design for swift installation and testing

Product features

  • Motor protection and control for a variety of drives
  • Powerful and user-friendly web-browser-based human machine interface (HMI) including input/output (I/O) matrix with visual selections
  • Application-specific standard configurations resulting in a shorter relay setup and commissioning time
  • Supports IEC 61850 Editions 1 and 2, including binary GOOSE messaging
  • Preconfigured solutions for utility distribution and industrial applications

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