Compact secondary substations for utility distribution

Transformer substations used by utilities for power distribution with typical medium voltage levels 12, 24 and 36 kV.

These substations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public and should ensure protection for all people according to specified service conditions. A CSS components shall be type tested and routine tested per their relevant product standards.

Functions in distribution network

  • CSS’s for residential  users
  • Dedicated CSS for major electricity customer like light industrial or commercial user (typical 1500 KVA and higher)
  • Satellite substations for the end of radial connections like a farm user

Testing according to IEC 62271-202 Standards

  • Internal Arc Fault Tested CSS’s increase the safety for operators and the general public
  • Internal Arc Classification (IAC) covers faults inside MV switchgear and MV interconnections to transformer
  • Internal Arc Classification enclosure requires a specified testing procedure and evaluation

    A (if protection to operator is proven)
    B (if protection to public is proven)
    AB (if protection to both operator and public is proven)

  • ABB has passed IAC AB

  • AC-AB to be required by the end user for network with highly condensed people

  • ABB highly recommends  IAC-AB for the safety of operators and public


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