SSC600 Engineered solution

Enabling flexible protection and control strategies in distribution networks

The centralized way of approach to distribution substation protection and control paves the way to extend, enrich and add flexibility to existing customer networks without 'disturbing' them, thereby introducing increased availability and functional redundancy. 

For greenfield installations, it provides further possibilities of complete system level redundancy, including functional and communication based redundancies (PRP).

The solution arrangement offers a flexible distribution or even a replication of protection and control functions between devices at bay and substation levels via a highly-available and fast Ethernet network based on the IEC 61850 standard for substation communications. 

The system configuration comprises of Relion SMU615 and/or Relion REF615 with merging unit capabilities for every feeder and the SSC600 unit. The desired levels of functional or physical redundancies can selected depending on the relative criticality of the feeders connected to the load centers or equipment in the network.

  • SSC600 as main protection unit for up to 20 feeders
  • Incorporates basic level protection covering almost 70-80% of all requirements
  • Special protection functions for cable/line, transformer and motor feeders
  • RE_615 as backup protection, capacitor or voltage protection
  • Dedicated or centralized approach  or combination depending on importance of feeder
  • Full redundancy with SSC600 with a totally centralized approach


  • Totally centralized or a hybrid protection and control philosophy possible (function distribution across feeder and central level)
  • Advanced applications can be run in SSC600
  • Adaptive to customer site specific needs and philosophies
  • Safeguarding of customer investment
  • Based on IEC 61850 and hence assured system interoperability 
  • High availability of protection and control system

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