ReliaGrid™ BESS/Microgrid Power Management Controller

Enabling a distributed approach towards microgrid power management solutions

The heart of the microgrid/Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) power management or control solution is the microgrid/BESS controller, which is based on AC800M process automation controller or AC500 programmable logic controller.

Depending on the system complexity, operational philosophy, availability considerations, the microgrid/BESS PMS controller can be configured such as:

  • single or redundant CPU and IO configurations
  • physically separate units for generation source (unit) level control and system wide control functions


  • hosting both functions in a single physical unit

The AC800M and AC500 are generic ABB PLCs, which have been adapted for microgrid control applications, using specific application software libraries.

The microgrid PMS controller interfaces with multiple systems such as ZEE600, Relion PML630 load-shedding controller, Relion protection relays, Remote IO RIO600, Ekip Up protection units, PCS100/3rd party BESS, as well as 3rd party products such as tariff and energy meters, governor and AVR systems, battery management systems, fire safety systems, HVAC systems etc.

These interfaces between the microgrid PMS controller and other systems/products are based on IEC 61850 (MMS/GOOSE), OPC (DA/UA), Modbus TCP and hardwired IOs.


The microgrid PMS controller has the capability to handle steady state functionality, subsequent to a transition event and in accordance to IEEE 2030.7 and IEEE 1547 microgrid standards.

  • Load-shedding
  • System-wide active and reactive power control
  • Unit level active and reactive power control
  • Demand control at point of interconnection
  • Spinning reserve management
  • Peak shaving
  • Frequency regulation
  • Voltage regulation
  • Battery state of charge control
  • Country/Utility specific grid codes handling


  • Flexibility of deployment
  • Versatility
  • High performance
  • Open interfaces for non-ABB product/systems integration

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