AC and DC traction power supply - switchgear and power conversion devices

Proven air insulated and gas insulated railway switchgear and metal-enclosed DC switchgear and traction power supply solutions for railways

ABB offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for AC and DC traction substations. ABB provides air-insulated and gas-insulated single-phase or two-phase AC switchgear as well as metal-enclosed DC switchgear, and a complete portfolio of DC traction power solutions.

UniGear R is an advanced single-phase air-insulated AC switchgear range covering both 15 kV/ 16.7 Hz and 25 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) market requirements for high speed and main lines.

ZX1.5-R is a special design single-phase and two-phase gas-insulated switchgear covering both 1 x125 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) Hz and 2 x 25 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) market requirements for high speed and main lines.

Enviline product portfolio offers end-to-end solutions for DC traction power supply applications. The portfolio covers:

  • Transformer-rectifier groups
  • DC switchgear with its control and protection
  • Voltage limiting devices
  • Smart energy management solutions, such as energy recuperation and energy storage systems as well as automated assured receptivity units
  • Stray current monitoring

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