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AC and DC traction power supply - switchgear and power conversion devices

Proven air insulated and gas insulated railway switchgear and metal-enclosed DC switchgear and traction power supply solutions for railways

ABB offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for AC and DC traction substations. ABB provides air-insulated and gas-insulated single-phase or two-phase AC switchgear as well as metal-enclosed DC switchgear, and a complete portfolio of DC traction power solutions.

UniGear R is an advanced single-phase air-insulated AC switchgear range covering both 15 kV/ 16.7 Hz and 25 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) market requirements for high speed and main lines.

ZX1.5-R is a special design single-phase and two-phase gas-insulated switchgear covering both 1 x125 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) Hz and 2 x 25 kV/ 50 Hz (60 Hz) market requirements for high speed and main lines.

DCGear is a metal-enclosed and compartmentalized switchgear for indoor installation, serving as control and protection equipment in DC traction networks for 750 VDC and 1500 VDC applications. Especially well-suited for metro, tramway and light rail applications.

ENVILINE™ product portfolio offers a full spectrum of DC traction power solutions. The portfolio includes DC power supply, protection and energy management solutions that can reduce the overall power consumption by as much as 30 percent.

  • Power conversion for traction applications, includes diode rectifiers (fixed or withdrawable), traction controlled rectifiers and inverters and integrated transformer-rectifier groups.
  • Energy management systems for traction applications, includes energy storage systems, energy recuperation systems and automatic receptivity units.
  • Voltage limiting devices detecting and removing hazardous voltage conditions by shorting the running rails to ground in a timely, effective and safe manner.

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