Voltage Limiting Device

Safety with speed, protect people and equipment against rail to ground hazards

VLD detects and removes hazardous voltage conditions by shorting the running rails to ground in a timely, effective and safe manner. 

Installed at substations, passenger stations and crossings, or wherever else people are exposed to running rails with potentially grounded surfaces, the VLD provides peace of mind by helping the system comply with standard EN 50122-1 (safety, earthing and provisions against electric shock). 

Product range 

  • Operating voltage range up to 200 V

Key benefits

  • Ensures compliance with safe touch voltage limits
  • Provides fast response with capacity for large currents
  • Facilitates timely and safe ground fault clearance. Provides a conducting return path and alarms, which help trigger the protection circuit breaker
  • Prevents unnecessary stray currents. Selectivity of voltage and time turn on and turn off set points ensures that the system operates only as needed
  • Helps understand the causes of stray currents. Extensive monitoring capability provides complete information about firing events
  • Minimal maintenance due to Hybrid configuration of contactor/thyristor design

Key features

  • Hybrid thyristor/contactor construction for handling fast rising voltage conditions and large fault currents
  • Hardware backup to ensure fail-safe operation in case of software lock up or absence of control power
  • 3 programmable, time defined voltage trigger points per polarity to optimize the timing and duration of the grounding events
  • Automatic turn off mode
  • Manual bypass switch for lock out during maintenance
  • Separate control and power compartments for maintenance accessibility and safety

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