Enviline™ ERS – Energy Recuperation System

Reduce energy costs by returning the braking energy to the AC network

The innovative Enviline ERS is a wayside energy recuperation system, which returns the surplus braking energy back to the AC network, reducing the total energy consumption of a rail transportation system by up to 30 percent.

Product scope

  • Operating voltage range up to 3000 V, power range up to 2 MW 

Key benefits

  • Short return on investment
  • Lowers energy costs through energy recuperation 
  • Increased receptivity of the DC system
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with new and existing systems
  • High reliability

Key features

  • Modular architecture allowing scalability of the system according to customer needs
  • Low maintenance and long operating lifetime
  • High overload capability
  • Aditional functionalities, such as rectification boost and reactive power compensation
  • Remote access for grid operators with embedded cyber security
  • Simulation tool for optimal system sizing

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