Enviline™ ESS – Energy Storage System

Reduce energy and peak power costs

Enviline ESS is a wayside energy management system that stores and recycles the surplus braking energy. It provides DC voltage stabilization, reduces energy consumption and peak demand.

It can come with either super capacitors for short term storage and recovery of the braking energy or with batteries for additional benefits and revenue generating services.

Product range

  • Operating voltage range up to 3000 V, power range up to 5 MW

Key benefits

  • Lowers energy costs through energy recovery
  • Reduces the peak demand charges and penalties
  • Reduces capital expenditures needed to sustain the voltage level of the DC traction power line
  • Makes the substation smart and capable of generating benefits on the local grid and additional revenues for the rail operator
  • Compatible with existing train systems and deployed with no impact on the train operation and traction power system
  • Operates independently from the AC grid

Key features

  • Easy installation 
  • Modular architecture allowing scalability of the system according to customer needs
  • Low maintenance and long operating lifetime
  • Remote access for grid operators with embedded cyber security
  • Simulation tool for optimal system sizing
  • Additional functionalities, such as emergency traction power, frequency control

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