Enviline™ ARU - Automatic Receptivity Unit

The most reliable and low cost solution for braking energy receptivity in DC rail systems.

The Enviline ARU ensures track receptivity during regenerative braking. It dissipates all surplus energy that cannot be absorbed by other onboard loads / nearby trains, nor recovered by the Enviline ERS or ESS.

The Enviline ARU senses the rising line voltage caused by regenerated / surplus energy and connects an appropriate resistive load to maintain the voltage within safe operating limits, avoiding the need to use (and wear out) the mechanical brakes.
The ARU can operate in coordination with wayside energy storage and/or energy recuperation systems and ensure that any dissipation into resistors occurs only as a last resort.

The controller cabinet can be mounted directly in the DC switchgear lineup or separately with other equipment such as negative disconnects and automatic grounding switches. Additionally, the resistor bank is placed outside the substation, where the heat can be dissipated economically.

Product range

  • Operating voltage range up to 2000 V

Key benefits

  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Elimination of on-board resistors
  • Moving the heat out of the tunnel
  • No EMC or audible noise
  • Protects on- and off-board equipment against overvoltage
  • Compatible with new and existing train systems

Key features

  • Proven technology ensures highest reliability
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs than onboard units
  • Compatible with all train systems with regenerative braking
  • Passive cooling eliminates noise and ensures low service need
  • Top or bottom cable entrance for flexible and easy installation
  • Parallel operation with energy recovery systems to maximize energy efficiency with assured braking energy receptivity

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