Enviline™ ITR - Integrated Transformer Rectifier

Most compact rectification solutions for DC wayside supply.

Urban population growth combined with environmental performance pressure have a direct impact on public urban transportation development. Growth and modernization of the public transportation system are essential to meet the demand and are challenged with economic and land-use minimization targets. Traction power equipment footprint must be optimally planned to limit the footprint and reduce the size of the substation in expansions, or enable to fit into restrictive retrofit spacing.

Traditionally, the transformer and rectifier are provided in separate enclosures and are treated as separate pieces of equipment from a procurement, testing, documentation, shipping, installation and commissioning perspective. ABB is the traction power equipment provider that combines the world-class expertise of both transformer and rectifier design, and as such, has a vast experience in the design, construction and start-up of integrated traction transformer and rectifier units, supported by many references worldwide. The Enviline ITR brings you the same performance as traditional transformer-rectifier units, combined in a single product. The result is not only a compact solution for space savings, but also a simpler alternative that will help you save on documentation, logistics, installation and testing.

Product range

  • Operating voltage range up to 1000 V, power range up to 2 MW 

Key benefits

  • Most compact
  • Highest reliability
  • Lowest upfront costs
  • Dedicated support
  • Easy installation
  • Tailored solution

Key features

  • Proven and robust technology
  • Smallest footprint due to common enclosure
  • Easy maintenance
  • Passive cooling
  • High level of conformity with customer requirements as well as international standards
  • Compatible with all DC supply systems


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