Enviline™ WDR - Withdrawable Diode Rectifier

The most reliable and cost effective rectification solutions for DC rail transportation.

To power trains, metros and trams, it is necessary to use an electronic power converter (traction rectifier) to convert alternating current into direct current. The Enviline TDR (Traction Diode Rectifier) and Enviline WDR (Withdrawable Diode Rectifier) are the most reliable and cost effective rectification solution for DC rail transportation. The WDR offers the same functionality of a traditional traction diode rectifier (TDR), with the difference that the diode modules are installed on a removable trolley, accessible from the front of the unit.

We have more than 50 years of experience in design, construction and commissioning of diode rectifiers. Based on the proven robust technology, we offer standard and tailored solutions to minimize cost and risk. More than a thousand of our units are in successful operation in various applications around the world.

Product range

  • Operating voltage range up to 2000 V, power range up to 8 MW 

Key benefits

  • Highest reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Localized support
  • Back to the wall installation: reduced footprint, and line up with transformer and/or DC Switchgear for ease of installation
  • Front access for optimized maintainability
  • Building block modular approach-standardized modules to facilitate lead times and spare parts management

Key features

  • Proven and robust technology
  • Minimal operational and maintenance costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • High overload capability
  • High level of conformity with individual requirements as well as international standards
  • Compatible with all DC supply systems

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