ABB Ability™ Data Analytics Platform for metals

Plant-wide and enterprise-wide data integration, monitoring, data analytics and optimization in iron, steel and other metals manufacturing - with one single platform

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Due to global competition metals manufacturers are under constant pressure to find new and improved ways to enhance operations and reduce costs.  More powerful tools are needed to monitor operations, identify and diagnose current problems, and predict new ones before they cause bottlenecks, unplanned downtime or unnecessary use of resources such as utilities, energy and assets.

ABB AbilityData Analytics Platform for metals is the digital solution that collects, analyzes and visualizes data from a variety of subsystems and devices within a metals plant to provide an integrated view of operations in real-time via powerful, high resolution dashboards. This solution, with either on-premise or cloud connectivity, can be utilized as one centralized platform for collecting and analyzing data, and applying new technologies such as machine learning to optimize  plantwide operations and/or specific process areas such as cold rolling and long product mills. 

Custom KPI’s based on organizational access levels allow the customer to get the right information to the right people at the right time to better diagnose product, system and process issues, make data-driven decisions and reach unprecedented levels of optimization.  

>>Find out more: ABB Ability Data Analytics Platform commissioned at Sunflag Steel to enable better metals plant decision making<<


Optimize resource utilization

Monitor and analyze processes, predicting and preventing issues

Metals processing lines

Monitoring and analysis of process control and performance, KPI calculation, benchmarking, post-mortem analysis...

A feature-rich platform

Accelerate your digital transformation journey

Leveraging the power of the ABB Ability common technology platform and combining it with our deep domain expertise and process knowledge we develop metal-industry specific solutions that allow our customers to know more, do more and do better.  ABB Ability Data Analytics Platform for metals allows for unprecedented asset, system and process visibility. Harnessing the large volumes of complex data and integrating OT and IT in one single platform this solution is fully scalable and secure, connecting as many systems, devices and process areas as necessary, either on-premise or cloud, and applying the very latest digitalization technologies such as machine learning. This enables operators and managers to interpret key insights in real-time and make fast, data-driven decisions that will unlock a higher level of plant optimization.

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