ABB and MEDATech sign agreement to explore technologies for net zero emissions of heavy industrial machinery in mining

Technology provider ABB and MEDATech bring complementary expertise to designing and building electric heavy mobile equipment. 

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Mining customers require solutions specifically designed for heavy industries to enable the electrification of their fleets and facilitate the transition to net zero emission transport across mining operations. Electric vehicles and matching charging infrastructure solutions must meet demanding requirements, including high power, automated and safe operation, ruggedized designs fit for harsh environmental conditions and approved standards.


  • Develop electric vehicle solutions and compatible charging infrastructure solutions


  • Jointly explore solutions to decarbonize mining operations through charging solutions and optimized electric drive systems in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for heavy-duty applications.


  • The collaboration could involve exploring further development and possible technologies for high power and automated charging and connector systems to facilitate the adoption of BEVs in industries with heavy machinery.

Our latest collaboration project

The agreement aligns with commitments made with ABB Ability™ eMine, a purposeful approach, method and integrated portfolio of electrification and digital systems designed to accelerate the decarbonization of the mining sector

“Within the ABB Ability™ eMine framework, ABB is increasingly working with OEMs and technology innovators
to fast-track the development of new emissions-reducing systems through
the electrification and automation of
the whole mining operation. Strategic collaborations, such as with MEDATech, provide solutions that support responsible mining operations. The aim
of our combined solutions is to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of customer businesses, contribute to the reduction
of CO₂ and the realization of a
sustainable society.”

Mehrzad Ashnagaran, ABB’s Global Product Line Manager Electrification & Composite Plant

“The mining sector has set clear and ambitious targets to decarbonize operations for a more sustainable
future. To meet or even exceed productivity targets while not compromising on safety, new thinking
and technological solutions are required. ABB and MEDATech are an ideal match for exploring the steps needed to reach net zero emissions for heavy-duty industrial machinery.”

Nic Beutler, ABB’s Global Product Manager Power System & Charging Solutions.

“We are very excited to be working with ABB in this new and dynamic field of electric vehicles and will bring our advanced drive train technology to the forefront alongside ABB’s advanced charging technology,”
“Collaborating to accelerate the adoption to emission-free transport systems enabling cleaner operations is truly at the heart of our company.”

Rob Rennie, Founder and President of MEDATech.

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