Mining EV fast charging solution: ABB eMine™ FastCharge

ABB presents ABB eMine™ FastCharge, fully automated charging system for mining trucks

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High power 

Ultra-fast charging time 

Fully automated 

The future cornerstone of the transition to fully electrified mines

Designed for the harshest environments, this flexible and fully automated solution can easily be installed anywhere, and can charge any truck, without the need of human intervention. All of this at the highest power available on today’s market to minimize the downtime of your mobile asset. By digitally connecting eMine™ FastCharge , the system can be monitored and controlled to optimize the charging process and energy usage in real time, lifting your environmental responsibility and your productivity at the same time. 

The mobile and flexible eMine™ FastCharge does not require heavy installation, thus lowering infrastructure costs and optimizing your CAPEX/OPEX. 

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How fast is eMine™ FastCharge?

Charging time will depend on the battery capacity onboard the haul truck and the operational profile, however in many instances a suitable state of charge could be reached within 15 minutes. 

Good for the planet, even better for your performance

A common interface that works on any haul truck

Any truck can connect with eMine™ FastCharge. The solution is built on widely adopted & open automotive industry standards, which is interoperable and BEV OEM agnostic.

No need for manual operation

The charging process is fully automated and enhanced by a vehicle recognition and positioning camera system which allows for maximum safety throughout the operation.

Ultra-fast charging to minimize downtime

The system charges at the highest power available on today’s market, to maximize the process productivity.

Mobile system that can easily be installed anywhere

Relocate the entire charging station or its modules separately to seamlessly adapt to your everchanging mine layout.

Modular design

Our modular system with various building blocks makes it easy to adapt to your operational & infrastructure needs and is future-ready for higher charging powers.

Designed for the harsh environment of mining

The solution is made ready for the harshest environmental conditions prevailing in mining with specifically designed enclosure solutions to prevent the ingress from dust and dirt.

Digitally enabled to further optimize

Through the ABB Ability™ MineOptimize portfolio, we are able to bring together electrification, automation and digital technology. By digitally connecting eMine™ FastCharge, the system can be monitored and controlled to optimize the charging process and energy usage in real time.

ABB eMine™. For your world, and mine.

Transitioning to an all-electric mine is going to take new thinking. New plans and designs. New training for your workers. And a whole new outlook on your operation.

It is not a simple task. It typically requires comprehensive analysis to study different technological alternatives to achieve the best, most viable design for your all-electric mine.

ABB is perfectly positioned to help with that goal. ABB not only understands these requirements, we can also equip you to meet them with ABB eMine™.

eMine™ makes the all-electric mine possible with purposeful approach, proven methods, electrification & digital systems - all integrated from mine to port.

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