ABB eMine™ Trolley system. The heights of ABB’s engineering capabilities

Transition your mining hauling trucks from diesel to electric.

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We believe in the trolley technology which has been in existence for decades and which is now back as a key technology for mining in recent years.

Today’s trolley technology—based on diesel hybrids—will evolve and transform into battery-trolley hybrids over time. ABB’s trolley system is the perfect technology for supporting this trend and helping you transition to an all-electric mine. Built on decades of electrification experience and expertise, ABB eMine™ Trolley system can reduce your diesel consumption by up to 90%, lowering your energy costs and your environmental impact at the same time. Plus, electrified trucks run at a higher speed and provide better speed on-grade.

The trolley system is best for heavy-duty vehicles and needed for inclined hauling—which battery-only solutions are not yet capable of.

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Trolley systems will carry mines forward.

Trolley system is being constantly evolved and enhanced to be fit for mining operations. We are continuously improving the system, based on learnings and technology developments, considering evolving requirements from the truck manufacturers, the power infrastructure, and the mines.

Reduced CO2 emissions
Reduced costs
Higher speed-on-the-grade
Reduced maintenance

Already driving mining companies sustainably forward

Webinar: Shall we put our mining trucks on a trolley line?

We explain how to find a ramp for trolley that gives fast payback time and how ABB can support you finding the right ramp. We present a typical setup for trolley infrastructure including overhead line and rectifier substation and discuss how we can adjust them to fit your needs.

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