ABB’s Gearless Mill Drive Ring Motor factory in Bilbao

Pushing the boundaries of mining technology

Location: Calle Barrio de Galindo, s.n. 48510 Trapagarán (Vizcaya)

Bilbao Ring motors factory

Building on over 130 years of experience in the mining industry, ABB’s Ring Motor factory located in Galindo provides the engineering and manufacturing of ring motors, the main component of ABB’s Gearless Mill Drive (GMD) systems manufactured by ABB for the mining sector.

The 20,000 m2 plant manufactured over 110 motors delivered in over 25 countries globally.

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20,000 m2 plant

Over 110 motors manufactured

Delivered in over 25 countries globally

Unlock ABB’s Ring Motor Factory manufacturing excellence

One of its kind

The 20,000 m2 of the plant have an assembly area with a lifting capacity of 400 tons.

Our design includes the highly efficient Roebel bars for the stator winding. We test no less than 100% of our bars in accordance with the most stringent international standards.


ABB integrates all manufacturing processes from design and engineering to after-sales services under one roof. The extensive network of local suppliers and proximity to the port of Bilbao makes it a perfect location to guarantee the complex shipment of GMDs to the mines.

Tailored to our client's needs

Our designs are customized to meet the technical demands of each of our clients.

The shipment of GMDs to the mines is complex, requiring perfect coordination between different companies. Our goal is to fit our deliveries to your needs.

Strict quality policy

The whole ABB team focuses on ensuring quality, both of the components employed and in their final assembly. This is accomplished by controlling internal processes and in conjunction with our main suppliers through joint working groups.

In line with ABB’s Sustainability strategy 2030

We make use of certified green energy. We work with local suppliers and the proximity to the port of Bilbao enable us to reduce the carbon footprint of operations, taking advantage of short journeys. We are also using returnable packaging that reduces the consumption of wood and plastic.

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