ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Condition Monitoring for mining

Digital application lets evaluate precise maintenance needs in mines by pulling together previously disparate data about the condition of various production equipment.

ABB Ability Asset Vista Condition Monitoring for mining is a software solution that offers operations, automation and maintenance personnel in mining industry a complete overview of their production assets’ condition, helping to increase process efficiency, avoid unnecessary maintenance, reduce exposure to hazardous areas and improve time to repair.

Thousands of production assets are in your mine and mineral processing plant: valves, switches, sensors, motors, switchgears, gearboxes etc. Many have embedded tools to collect and store asset condition data, with high potential to reduce maintenance costs, improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned shut-downs, but do you get the most out of these valuable inputs?
Developed by maintenance and industry experts, this application is scalable and maintenance-oriented, offering a library of asset monitors. Users can apply condition monitoring to whichever area they wish to focus, be it automation, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical or process equipment. This suite of monitors is compiled so that a user can start with a small scope covering only the most common components initially and then, in line with growing business demands, scale up the condition monitoring to assess more complex, high-value added equipment and components.

ABB Ability Asset Vista Condition Monitoring for mining is not just another software application —  it is much more. It combines a digital solution configured specifically for your site together with seamless integration and long-term continuous improvement support. It is your entry point to more proactive service strategies for fast and efficient resolution of issues.

Along with the dashboards for customer self-service, ABB also offers collaborative digital services based on the asset condition data analysis - ABB Ability Predictive Maintenance for mining or bundled with other services and technologies into a tailored Long-term service agreement for mining assets.

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