ABB Ability™ Operations Management System for mining

Take the right actions for your operational performance objectives

Calibrate all mining-specific operational constraints in real time using purpose-built Analytics, Execution (MES) and Fleet Management System:

  • Optimize the production flow to drive up product quality, improve resource utilization, drive down operating times and cost per ton.
  • Enable flexible short-interval planning and control combined with a short-term scheduler and real-time tracking of people, assets and tasks - incorporating the possibility for on-the-fly changes
  • Ensure more automated, safe, and dependable execution within a particular operational area and across the entire value chain
  • Improve systems interoperability following the ISA-95 standard

Our solution

Fleet Management System (FMS) and Mobile Operator Station

Vehicle and fixed equipment management and dispatch. Timely guidance for operator tasks, reporting disturbances and required production data from the on-board client or in combination with automated data logger. Interoperability and data exchange.

Inventory Management

Material movements tracking across the value chain can be integrated with Level 1 automation, Laboratory Information Management , Stockyard Management , metallurgical accounting for material quality and flow optimization. Provision to enter material movement and property manually.

Maintenance Management

CMMS connectivity, maintenance forecast reports and on-event notifications for pre-defined plan enforcement. Access to OEE, Downtime Management, Reliability charts, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) and other KPIs to increase machine availability and reduce unplanned downtime.

Data Management & Connectivity

Truly unified, consistent and validated data across multiple systems for SPC, analytics, AI/ML. Off-the-shelf ERP connectivity. A secure, high throughput, high volume process data connectivity, APIs and access to other data sources. Multi-year storage with high throughput for large amounts of process data, time series data and events.

Performance & Quality Analytics

Mine, processing plant, enterprise analytics in real-time (actual vs targets) - safety, production, operation times, waste, emissions and other KPIs; energy, consumables and other costs. Access to quality data, process trends and alarms to identify and act on root causes of issues and inconsistencies across sites.

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