Conveyor Fingerprint Services

ABB Conveyor Fingerprint Services offers a broad assessment of the customer's conveyor systems, providing a complete overview of the condition of the conveyor's assets. The maintenance and field assessments are compared to industry best practices, to help improve maintenance strategies, avoid production losses and minimize unplanned maintenance interventions

ABB utilizes its decades of expertise in industrial maintenance to offer a complete asset assessment for your conveyor systems. The results will be used to increase process efficiency through improvement of your maintenance activities.

Conveyors are particularly well-suited for predictive and preventative maintenance programs. However, reactive intervention through the corrective maintenance is still quite often a common practice in the mining industry as an asset management approach. This is not the most efficient way to manage belt conveyor assets. 

ABB can improve this situation. Transportation systems are normally the most critical equipment in mining facilities, and unplanned shutdowns or maintenance interventions can result in significant monetary and time losses.

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