ABB Ability™ NGX Hoist Monitor Stand-Alone

Enhancing mine hoist monitoring.

Designed to evolve with your needs

The ABB Ability™ NGX Hoist Monitor is compatible with all mine hoists and applications – combining safety, reliability and innovation in one cost-effective cutting-edge solution.  

ABB Ability™ NGX Hoist Monitor is a subsystem consisting of one AC500 PLC mounted in a wall-mounted cabinet and associated instrumentation and relays. It handles the main speed, position, movement & direction related safety functions for hoists.

Upon detection of a hazard, it de-energizes one or more safety relays which are connected to the mine hoist safety circuit(s). The mine hoist safety circuit is used to initiate application of the hoist’s safety brakes and removal of the motor torque.

It can be installed as a stand-alone product in existing installations where there is a requirement to replace an existing speed and position monitoring system. There is minimal required interfacing with any hoist control system. 

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A modularized, flexible and configurable service product

Seamless adaption to any hoist across your plants.

Safety protections

  • Maximum overspeed
  • Shaft end dceleration overspeed
  • Overwind
  • Underwind
  • Incorrect direction/rotation
  • Broken drive chain
  • People and material hoisting within the same shaft (shaft without brattice)
  • Overspeed near stage/Galloway
Friction hoist protective functions
  • Worn friction linings
  • Rope slip
Drum hoist protective functions
  • Rope mis-coiling (switch)
  • Slack rope (aperture switch)
  • Unclutched drum movement

A global platform that gives you access to ABB expert technical support

The right people available 24/7 to support you, from any country.

Our range of lifecycle services includes:

  • Operator and maintenance training programs
  • Inspection and testing of NGX systems
  • Upgrades from past / legacy ABB systems
  • Spare parts packages

Take safety to the next level with NGX connected to ABB Ability™ Safety Plus and Smart Hoisting.


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