ABB Ability™ Safety Plus for hoists​

First fully SIL 3 certified mine hoist solutions with highest level of safety on the market​

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At ABB we do not compromise on safety. Our ambition is to create and continuously enhance mining environments, so they are safe for workers and equipment. 

Whether you are required to comply with local regulations or simply want to improve your standards, we have designed ABB Ability™ Safety Plus for hoists. It is the first fully SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level) certified suite of solutions for hoists, rigorously examined and certified by an independent global functional safety certifying body, and strictly developed in accordance with the International “Safety of Machinery” standard IEC62061.

It is composed of three solutions offering the highest level of safety available on the market: Safety Plus Hoist Monitor, Safety Plus Brake System, Safety Plus Hoist Protector.

Protect personnel, equipment and infrastructure

Completely adaptable and designed to fit your mine hoist installation and requirements, these solutions provide you peace of mind for the people and materials that travel on your hoist installation, as well as those who operate and maintain it.

You are required to comply with local safety regulations or simply improve your standards? We design our solutions to your safety requirements

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Take safety to the next level​



ABB’s approach to mine hoist safety

ABB Ability™ Safety Plus for hoists portfolio



Best in Class safety for highest reliability

Ready made safety solutions

Ready made safety solutions, fit for your purpose and requirements

Exhaustively tested, in house

Exhaustively tested, in house

Rugged solutions

Rugged solutions specifically designed for tough mine environment

What is Safety Integrity Level or SIL?

It is a term used by International Functional Safety Standards including IEC61508 and IEC62061. SIL levels range from 1 to 4.

The higher the number, the higher the level of safety and the lower the probability that the safety-related system will fail to carry out the required safety functions. While there are four SIL levels, IEC62061 does not recognize SIL 4 as if the process requires SIL 4, it’s sometimes said that the process needs to be reconsidered.

Safety Integrity Level in mine hoists

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