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Mining webinars - Mining Tech Talks

Join mining webinar series to discuss a wide range of innovations, best practices and the value they can deliver to your mine. Interact with experts on how to address your challenges and keep up with the new ways of working enabled by digital.

Many known brands around the globe turn to ABB with their requirements - from mine design, modernization, electrification operation and control to data integration, analytics, visualization, process optimization and remote support. They get access to the state-of-the-art end-to-end mining solutions, proven tools, process knowledge and partner network that help them reduce operating costs, get tangible results from their digital transformation programs and unlock new business value. 

Throughout the year, ABB will provide educational webinars and live Q&A sessions for mining professionals sharing case studies, demos and latest developments. Register for the upcoming live events and webinars on demand to learn how companies like yours are transforming their operations to remain competitive. Let's make mines safer, smarter and more sustainable. Together.

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June 2

More profitable grinding mill: choose the most fit for purpose drive power train

June 9

Your entire mine/mill's health status in real time, from anywhere: improve and sustain Plant Asset Management best practices

On demand (soon)

Remote support for mining operations: step up from test runs into a long-term reality

On demand (soon)

Lift your hoist productivity to a higher level: What's new in the updated ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists?

Register for live Mining Tech Talks series

Register once and join us live for the sessions of your choice. Even if you can't make it, register anyway. We'll send you the materials after the webinars.

(Thursday, May 26) - soon On Demand

Mining Tech Talks - Remote support for mining operations: step up from test runs into a long-term reality

Learn digital ways to connect with ABB mining experts - when you have a challenge that can be solved remotely. A live AR demo and use cases: more

  • How technicians can get guided self-help using the new app ABB Ability™ Remote Insights for service: share images, live videos and documents on their own devices and be guided in real time through a text chat or augmented instructions placed into their field of view.
  • How mill staff can react fast in critical situations with grinding equipment and prevent hours of production losses by using ABB's remote assistance
  • How control room operators can talk to subject matter experts while handling abnormal situations via a live video embedded in ABB's integrated process and electrical control system
  • How ABB experts can perform hoist inspections and provide guidance to maintenance technicians using remote connection


Tuesday, June 2

Mining Tech Talks - More profitable grinding mill operation: choose the most fit for purpose drive power train

One of the most important aspect to consider when designing a grinding circuit is the mill drive power train - the technology that will control the mill. Several options exist in the market and it’s not always obvious which one fits the best for your installation. Expert insights and case study to understand: more

  • The impact of the drive selection on performance, flexibility of operation, total efficiency, reliability of the system
  • The importance of trade-off study
  • Monetary benefits of ABB's advanced mill features.


Tuesday, June 9

Mining Tech Talks - Your entire mine/mill's health status in real time, from anywhere: improve and sustain Plant Asset Management best practices

Mining production assets are often spread across a wide area, making it difficult to get an overview of their condition. Now operations, automation and maintenance personnel can pull together previously disparate data, get a single-window interface for all asset management related activities and implement more proactive maintenance strategies. ABB Ability™ Asset Vista demo and case studies on how to: more

  • Improve process efficiency and equipment reliability by monitoring the condition of automation, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical or process equipment on-line.
  • Eliminate needless maintenance of your plant assets, reduce costs and exposure to hazardous areas thanks to accurate assessment of equipment health in real-time
  • Predict possible equipment failures and prevent costly downtime by leveraging ABB's extensive library of asset models and specific maintenance-oriented algorithms
  • Get timely notifications before DCS alarms and improve time to repair with recommendations how to resolve issues before they cause problems


  • Eduardo Ingegneri
    Global Product Manager ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Condition Monitoring

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Why ABB?
  • Experienced provider OT and IT stack
  • Third party and legacy integration
  • Domain knowledge, mining & metals industry knowledge
  • Efficient transformation projects, focus on ROI
  • New tools such as cloud, analytics
  • Development model with partners to jointly develop solutions

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