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Making the all-electric mine possible with ABB Ability™ eMine

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Mining Tech Talks – Making the all-electric mine possible with ABB Ability™ eMine 

Transitioning to an all-electric mine is going to take new thinking. New plans and designs. New training for your workers. And a whole new outlook on your operation.

It is not a simple task.

ABB not only understands these requirements, we can also equip you to meet them with ABB Ability™ eMine.

eMine™ makes the all-electric mine possible with purposeful approach, proven methods, electrification & digital systems – all integrated from mine to port.

Looking to achieve the balance between sustainability and productivity targets?

Watch our Mining Tech Talk session to see how we can build the mine of tomorrow, together.

A mine that’s great for your business. And even better for the world around it.


Max Luedtke Max Luedtke
Global Head of Product Group Mining, Aluminium and Cement
Mehrzad Ashnagaran Mehrzad Ashnagaran
Global Product Line Manager Electrification and Composite Plants
Marcos Hillal
Marcos Hillal
Global Product Line Manager Automation and Digital
Nic Beutler
Nic Beutler
Global Product Manager Power System & Charging Solutions
Konsta Kainulainen
Konsta Kainulainen
Global ProductManager – Rectifiers Substations for Trolley System Electrification (UG+OP)/UG Power Distribution
Eduardo Lima
Eduardo Lima
Global Product Manager – Integrated Mine Operations 

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Partner with ABB to accelerate your transformation journey towards the mine of the future

Why ABB?
  • Experienced provider OT and IT stack
  • Third party and legacy integration
  • Domain knowledge, mining & metals industry knowledge
  • Efficient transformation projects, focus on ROI
  • New tools such as cloud, analytics
  • Development model with partners to jointly develop solutions

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