ABB permanent magnet generators

Permanent magnet generators are synchronous machines with rotor windings replaced by permanent magnets. They need no separate excitation so rotor excitation losses – about 30% of total conventional generator losses – are eliminated. This results in high power density and small size with the highest efficiency at all speeds, offering the maximum annual production of energy with the lowest lifetime cost. ABB has a strong experience in permanent magnet solutions ensuring a reliable solution.

Key benefits

  • Premium efficiency at all turbine speeds
  • Proven reliability with maximized energy yield
  • Low cost of ownership in all aspects from purchase to downtime and maintenance
  • Short circuit withstand without demagnetization
  • Rotor with high overspeed endurance
  • Bearing design avoiding circulating currents
  • Compact size

Our offering

High speed permanent magnet generators
Medium speed permanent magnet generators
Direct drive generators
In full converter (FC) concept, using standard high speed drivetrain with permanent magnet generators, enables the smallest size and highest efficiency at all speeds.
Medium speed permanent magnet generators represent a very compact, slower speed solution offering the highest efficiency with low maintenance needs. ABB has strong background in medium permanent magnet design with proven reliability.
In a direct drive application the turbine and the generator are integrated to form a compact and structurally integrated unit. The design gives free access to all parts for easy installation and maintenance. The simple and robust low speed rotor design with no separate excitation or cooling system results in minimum wear, reduced maintenance requirements, lower life cycle costs, and a long lifetime.


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