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High speed permanent magnet generators

In full converter ( FC ) concept, using standard high speed drivetrain with PM generators, enables the smallest generator size and a very high generator efficiency at all speeds.

Unlike DF, in
FC concept all the generated power goes through a “full size“ converter. It offers full variable speed operation and advanced grid code compliance also in the future, fully separating the mechanical drivetrain from the grid disturbances.

ABB has delivered several types of HS PMG (high speed permanent magnet generator) designs 
to leading turbine manufacturers since 2003.


Proven reliability - maximized profitability

  • Short circuit withstand without demagnetization
  • Rotor with high overspeed endurance
  • Bearing design avoiding circulating currents

Low cost of ownership (purchase - running - downtime)

  • Globally identical manufacturing 
  • High availability and superior efficiency  > 98 % 
  • Minimum service requirements and local support


7.0 MW HS PMG, Standard series
3.6 MW HS PMG, Standard series
2.5 MW HS PMG, Custom series
PM rotor with proven short circuit withstand without demagnetization
Stator with high voltage insulation technology
Innovative contacless magnet encoder

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