ABB IEC low voltage motors for marine

Leading the way in sustainable marine transportation

Discover the power of ABB Marine Solutions tailored to enhance your maritime operations. With our state-of-the-art IEC Low Voltage Motors, we're not only redefining marine motor efficiency but also paving the way for more sustainable marine transportation. Dive into the unique features and benefits that set ABB motors apart in the marine industry.

ABB offers a complete range of low voltage motors, ensuring the right motor can be found for every need, including harsh environments and explosive atmospheres. Motors are available with an output range of 0.09 to 2000 kW. 

  • Compact Marine Motor Design: Optimized for space-constrained marine environments.
  • Marine Motor Compliance: Meeting and exceeding international marine standards.
  • ABB's Commitment: Focused on sustainable marine transportation.
  • Marine Motor Efficiency: Prioritizing energy savings and reliable operational efficiency.
  • Holistic Marine Solutions: Comprehensive support, from product selection to post-purchase assistance.

Key benefits

  • Industry-leading Efficiency: Achieve unparalleled marine motor efficiency with ABB's designs.
  • Future-Proof Design: Our compact marine motors fit seamlessly into modern marine vessels.
  • Robust Compliance: Adherence to marine motor compliance standards ensures global operability.
  • ABB's Pioneering Legacy: Trust in ABB Marine Solutions with decades of maritime innovation.
  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Embrace sustainable marine transportation and reduce your environmental footprint.

Product offering

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