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ABB Roller table motors

ABB Roller table motor series offers the optimal solution for your rolling mills.

ABB roller table motors are robust and customizable motors that are built to meet the high requirements for reliability in the tough conditions in rolling mills.

Roller tables incorporate a number of motors, the speed of which can be steplessly controlled by one or more frequency converters. The roller table motors supplied by ABB are squirrel cage motors which are specially designed for use with frequency converters. Robust in construction, the motors are fully sealed to withstand the tough conditions in rolling mills. 

The motors are low speed units intended for direct connection to rollers. The pole number and frequency can be selected, avoiding the need for gearboxes and therefore saving on maintenance costs and increasing the overall efficiency of the drive.

ABB_picto_48x48_10_helmet_0437-MediumRobust design

  • Shock resistant mechanical and winding design.
  • Designed to withstand high ambient temperature, humidity, water sprays, dust or other fine particles.
  • Totally enclosed motor structure protects against moisture and dust –ingress protection up to IP65.
  • Stator frame can be pressurized with air to prevent any ingress of water or dust.

ABB_picto_48x48_05_customer_benefits_0159-SmallGreat flexibility

  • Provide great flexibility for specific solutions and can be individually designed to the exact demands of the application.
  • Wide range of options and accessories available.
  • Frame size: 180 to 450

ABB_picto_48x48_08_puzzle_0369-SmallCustomizable for any application

  • Designed for VSDs, low speeds, and high torque.
  • Speed control possible without encoder.
  • Cabling can be arranged in different directions.

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