IEC Low voltage motors for Metals

ABB's high quality low voltage motors are built to perform in metals' hot and dusty environments.

Metals processing requires reliability. The machinery needs to move the metals quickly, accurately and efficiently. The processes require large amounts of energy, high dynamics, precision, and overload capabilities. Safety and easy maintenance of the equipment are essential to ensure maximum productivity of the system.

No matter if it is hot or cold rolling mills, blast furnace blowers, sinter fans or general pumps and fans, we have a motor for it. Our motors packaged with drives offer the accurate speed and torque control you need. Due to precise process control our products help you to save energy and improve production quality.

All of our products are packed by a global service and support network, and provide you with reliability, control and dependable operation in the metals industry. 


Product offering

Roller table motors

  • Designed to withstand high ambient temperature, humidity, water sprays, dust or other fine particles - ingress protection up to IP65
  • Shock resistant mechanical and winding design
  • Designed for VSDs, low speeds and high torque
  • Provide great flexibility for specific solutions and can be individually designed to the exact demands of the application

Roller table motors

Synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM)

  • IE5 SynRM motors with VSDs can reduce energy losses by 50% compared to IE2 induction motors and 40% compared to IE3
  • Replacing legacy motors with SynRM and VSD typically reduces energy bills by 14 to 25%
  • SynRM motors deliver full torque from zero speed
  • Lower losses mean SynRM motors run cooler
  • A temperature reduction of 10 degrees means the winding lasts twice as long

Synchronous reluctance motors

High Dynamic Performance motors (HDP)

  • Optimized electrical and mechanical designs for demanding applications in rough operating conditions
  • Modular concept offering flexibility with wide variety of options (encoders, brakes, monitoring sensors)
  • Compact and robust design offering superior power density
  • The square frame design and high overload capacity gives the motor an excellent dynamic response due to low inertia and high pulse torque
  • Full range from one supplier

High Dynamic Performance motors

Process performance motors

  • Designed for highest reliability in 24/7 operation
  • Hot, dusty environment: IP55 protection as standard to withstand dust and other impurities
  • Designed for the most demanding applications with the highest reliability, for DOL or VSD use
  • Modular concept offering flexibility with a wide range of options
  • Several efficiency classses (up to IE5 with SynRM)

Process performance induction motors


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