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Harnessing the power

Full range of extremely powerful machine motors

There's a world of untamed power out there. Nature's own forces, inspiring us to capture the motion and bring new energy to the industries of the world. ABB's High Dynamic  Performance (HDP) motors turn fierce force into relentless rotation, boosting the performance of cranes, extruders, test benches and many more machine types.

Full range, great OEM opportunities

ABB is addressing machinery OEMs with a comprehensive range of HDP motors designed specifically for industrial machine use – including megawatt-class models and high-speed and water-cooled alternatives. The new motors create new opportunities for machine builders to improve their replacement motor offering, while developing new and innovative machine designs.

The dual benefit of high power density 

ABB’s HDP motors build on a classic ABB technology advantage – market-leading power density. In short, any motor of a given size will deliver a higher power output than a corresponding standard machine motor. OEMs are thus offered a ‘dual benefit’: Boosting machine performance using more powerful replacement motors and designing more compact new machine types with otherwise comparable performance.

Low inertia motors for high torque applications 

Another important technology advantage is the motors’ low rotor inertia, an attractive feature in high power density applications such as extruders, cranes and test benches. Low rotor inertia enables faster reversing of the motor’s rotational direction, thus speeding up the machine’s back-and-forth motion – a critical factor for a smooth and safe maneuvering.

The extra ABB advantage

The benefits of partnering with ABB extends beyond motor technology supremacy alone. Our HDP motors are developed alongside and tested together with ABB’s renowned variable speed drives (VSD). Optimized as complete system solutions, ABB’s motor-and-drive packages offer highest machine performance and just the set of qualities requested by users – advanced speed control for precise machine operation or maneuvering, along with high energy efficiency.



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