ABB Presents End-to-End Integrated Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

ABB Presents End-to-End Integrated Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

ABB, a global leader in providing digital solutions for manufacturing and process industries, has been continuing to make significant progress in helping businesses in its key sectors of cement, metals, mining, pulp and paper, gearless mill drives (GMDs), hoists, food and beverage, data center automation, high power rectifiers, and batteries, to streamline their processes through digital transformation.

Digital transformation is very critical, especially in improving operational efficiencies, reducing the risk of breach, and minimizing the risk of human errors. Traditional working methods are disrupted to become more digital since a large part is about cultivating a digital culture and upskilling employees to ensure everyone is ready to work through the transformation.

"If you talk about Digital Transformation, people instantly think there's a program with a start and end date, but Digital Transformation is more than that. It is continuous, and the biggest issue is not with technology; it's with the change management of companies. It is our job to nurture a mindset around distinct goals, as well as educate companies and their stakeholders of the necessities of Digital Transformation for the company's efficiency, growth, and sustainability," said Sanjit Shewale, VP, Global Head of Digital of the Process Industries Division at ABB.

Deepak Goyal, ABB’s Digital Sales Manager ABB Process Industries for Southeast Asia Region, added, “Nowadays, we can already see how digitalization is reshaping companies throughout Southeast Asia. Given that these new technologies can automate complex activities and track them accurately in every step, digitalization will certainly strengthen productivity and efficiency.”

Deepak Goyal, ABB’s Digital Sales Manager ABB Process Industries for Southeast Asia Region
Deepak Goyal, ABB’s Digital Sales Manager ABB Process Industries for Southeast Asia Region

ABB's digital transformation toolbox, built to drive and manage the process at an enterprise scale, begins with helping companies from ABB's key industries to identify a future vision for their plants. This process is followed by creating the enterprise's digital architecture and clarifying its digital transformation roadmap before implementing the change management strategy. Once these pillars are in place, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and ecosystem partners, ABB focuses on the following value-driven solutions for customers:

Operational Excellence Software Solutions

ABB is offering digital solutions to transform industries in the age of Industry 4.0 with more flexibility and agility. The software solutions are helping industries in realizing their business strategy more consistently and reliably by developing integrated and real-time operations management across plant and enterprise, lowering operational risk and costs, increasing revenues through execution excellence, and fostering continuous improvement and a long-term change in organizational culture. ABB's Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software includes Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Process and Production Intelligence (PIMS), Overall Equipment Intelligence (OEE), Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Historian, Integration, Data Management, Industrial Analytics, and AI.

For the steel melt shop, for instance, the combination of basic production principles is still applied but with the integration of digitalization. Nowadays, the identification of ladles and crane positioning and maintenance have become increasingly efficient, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, by tracking the equipment's conditions, ABB's system prevents matters that could lower production efficiency and possible equipment damage.

The visualization of ABB Ability™ Smart Melt Shop for crane & ladle movement
The visualization of ABB Ability™ Smart Melt Shop for crane & ladle movement

Process Performance Software Solutions

Through ABB Process Performance Software Solutions, organizations can maximize the profitability of industrial processes in a repeatable, time-efficient, and systematic manner. This solution can capture additional throughput, recovery, and consistent quality while reducing energy and consumables as well as accelerating autonomous operations in process industries. The software can find and implement cost efficiencies within process constraints, benchmark the organization's process performance, and evaluate the reliability of measurements and optimization potential.

This solution can also identify process models from data, capture the intricate relations between various parameters, and use dynamic model-predictive control in automatically adjusting to changes and learning from patterns. The software will also foster continuous improvement and long-term changes based on monitoring, analytics, and simulation. Let your process engineers teach machines, improving the accuracy of AI /ML techniques and enabling autonomous operations they can trust. The software solution includes Advanced Process Control (APC), Digital Twin and Simulation, Alarm Management, Control Loop Performance, and more useful features.

Asset Performance Management

Many global industries are currently focusing on generating more value from existing assets, continuously improving productivity and competitiveness, embracing sustainability, and transforming digitally, which can be solved by ABB's Asset Performance Management (APM). ABB’s next-generation APM is enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning (ABB Ability Genix APM Suite) and has predictive maintenance and asset performance optimization services (ABB Ability Advanced Series). The solution can help an organization that wants to scale, connect with more data sources, get a holistic view of their asset performance, and estimate asset life and its cost for the next 10-20 years.

Genix APM Predict for operator and engineer
Genix APM Predict for operator and engineer

“ABB's APM has successfully addressed many issues while maximizing various industries’ performance without overstepping limits. From energy conservation and sustainability aspects, our APM has increased feed, reduced specific energy and hydrate consumption, and achieved zero SO2 emissions. All of these were achieved while delivering overall productivity increase,” as Deepak pointed out.

Industrial sustainability software solutions

ABB's digital solution empowers organizations that need to ensure their optimal energy management and emission controls through all the sites or process areas to be correctly designed, deployed, and managed successfully.  ABB helps energy-intensive industries deliver on their sustainability commitments and maximize energy cost savings with purpose-built, flexible, industrial-scale Energy Management System (EnMS) modules that adapt to their specific production processes, energy mix, local market, and regulations.  ABB offers several features, such as monitoring and reporting to improve energy efficiency, ESG compliance and productivity; planning and forecasting to avoid energy demand and supply risks, price peaks, penalty charges; and holistic energy optimization to utilize energy price volatility and process flexibility for optimal production scenarios reducing up to 15% of energy costs. ABB's Predictive Emission Monitoring System guarantees the highest data availability, while reducing the investments for a regulatory-compliant solution. Furthermore, ABB's digital solutions for industrial water treatment plants help reduce both energy and chemical use.

One industry that uses ABB Industrial sustainability software solutions is mining. Through eMine, ABB can bring electrification, automation, and digital technology together like no other company. By digitally connecting all ABB software solutions, the industrial process can be monitored and controlled to optimize operations and energy usage in real time.

Connected Workforce

ABB has developed the Connected Worker App to help frontline workers execute manual procedures or maintenance work orders via a mobile App or HoloLens App and let their supervisors assign, schedule, track job flows, and define work instructions and procedures using "no-code" tools. This enhances safety, speeds up employee onboarding and engages users in continuous improvement of the scope of work (SOPs) and experience sharing. Using state-of-the-art technology, the ABB Ability™ Connected Worker completely digitizes the field operator experience, including optional remote-enabled augmented reality (AR) technology.   This connects workers to the distributed control system (DCS) to read data that is unavailable in the field or enter field measurements not available in the DCS and ensure a complete audit trail.  ABB also helps reduce time to issue resolution or training and improve remote collaboration, safety, and productivity, by combining mobile and AR devices with human assistance and simulation. Through these innovations, ABB empowers organizations to reimagine industrial workplaces and help their people master the skills necessary to establish a foundation of consistency — quickly and effectively — no matter where the personnel and experts reside.

Cyber Security

As operational technologies (OT) and processes are becoming closer to outside cloud services, not just new capabilities are increasing but also the risk of systems being cyberattacked. According to a study, Asia is the region that experienced the most attacked area, experiencing over 1 in 4 cyberattacks. 44% of ransomware attacks were caused by vulnerability exploitation of unpatched software. ABB deploys a 24/7 end-to-end solution for cyber security. Gathering information for assessing the company's security controls, ABB providesindustrial cyber security services, such as necessary training and consultations to safeguard the company's data across different value chains and operations of the company.

One example of ABB’s cyber security service is the ABB Ability System 800xA. Adhering to SD3+C Security Framework created by Microsoft, cyber security is embedded in all phases of the products, projects, to plant lifecycles as an integral part of System 880xA. From building a comprehensive foundation through assessments of the company's cyber security posture and equipping the company's team with cyber security insights, ABB can provide tailored automation to diagnose the company's potential vulnerabilities and offer solutions to maximize security.

“One of the best ways to maintain continuous growth and the company’s future is to invest in cyber security. ABB’s solutions are designed to assist with the ongoing process of defending the companies from malicious ransomware and protecting data throughout the whole process while preserving the availability and functional interoperability of the systems,” explains Deepak.


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