Taking energy management, scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency to the next level with ABB’s InSite system

Taking energy management, scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency to the next level with ABB’s InSite system

  • Can scale from large buildings to homes with enhanced load management functionality and reduced size
  • Energy transparency, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance with real-time data on user-friendly InSite web server dashboard
  • Advances energy efficiency through third-party integration of devices and appliances, enabling balancing of energy availability and demand

Smart energy and load management has reached an important new milestone with the evolution of the InSite energy management system. Extended to cover both sub- and final distribution, it now scales to deliver full transparency and load management capacity to any residential, commercial, or industrial site. Smart, and able to collect an extensive set of data, the InSite solution can analyze and forecast the system status, so that customers can easily receive maintenance recommendations and notifications.

  • Remote monitoring from small to large buildings
  • InSite energy management system architecture
  • InSite web server

Sebastiano Paganini, Global Product Line Manager for Energy Management Solutions at ABB Electrification’s Smart Buildings division explains, “Against a backdrop of energy shortages and rising costs, the solution we are launching is more relevant than ever. The behavioral change created through energy transparency and awareness, coupled with the automatic actions that the system helps to perform can make a real difference to carbon emissions and energy consumption. Based on the automations set by users, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 20 percent.”

Balancing the market demands of international regulatory requirements for energy efficiency in buildings against increasing building design complexity, ABB continues to advance its interoperable, open-source solution portfolio by digitizing its offering, from circuit breakers in the main distribution board to overvoltage protection and DIN-rail protection devices.

Once the devices are connected to the InSite system, real-time data can be accessed via the InSite web server. In case of the recently launched digital surge protective device eOVR, information such as surge events, ambient temperature or voltage quality can be accessed remotely. It even provides users with predictive maintenance recommendations that will extend the surge protection of the system and with that, ensure service continuity.

For hard-to-reach installations, such as wind turbines, remote monitoring is particularly useful because the system can be easily maintained from any mobile device. Along with the system, the InSite web server has also evolved to now include a cost calculation feature, a step-by-step installation wizard, and more automated actions to optimize the prioritization of loads for the most efficient use of energy.


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