ABB’s revolutionary new switchgear NeoGear released

ABB’s revolutionary new switchgear NeoGear released

Writing the future of safe, smart and sustainable electrical distribution solutions with ABB’s pioneering low-voltage switchgear.

Innovative, smart, safe and sustainable are the hallmarks of the new low-voltage switchgear, ABB NeoGear™, which has now been released for order. Since its market launch in Paris in October 2019, NeoGear and its revolutionary new laminated bus plate technology has generated a lot of attention and enthusiasm all over the world.

With NeoGear, ABB introduced laminated bus plate technology for low-voltage switchgear. Combined with the connectivity and digital capabilities of the ABB Ability™ platform, it offers maximum safety, highest reliability, more flexibility, better efficiency and measurable return on investment (ROI).

“The new technologies introduced by ABB have been highly appreciated by our customers,” said Alessandro Palin, Managing Director of ABB's Distribution Solutions business. “NeoGear is a game changer because it takes safety to the next level and it is sustainable as it saves energy and space. Furthermore, the smart condition monitoring solutions enable operational cost savings for our customers”.

NeoGear launched a new way of looking at busbar technology in switchgear. A busbar is a copper bar, the main purpose of which is to carry the current between incoming conductors and branch circuit breakers. In the new switchgear, ABB introduced a laminated bus plate in lieu of the traditional horizontal and vertical busbar systems. This innovative approach brings a wide range of benefits, foremost taking safety to an unprecedently higher level. Further, NeoGear has an up to 25 percent smaller footprint, making it an optimal solution where space is at a premium.

NeoGear is future-proof and ready to support the digital factory of the future with its cloud computing and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. NeoGear is underpinned by the ABB Ability™ platform, for better energy management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to enable up to 30 percent reduction of operational costs.

The innovative technology has been enthusiastically received by customers. Perry Jaspers, process owner – electricity & automation, at mineral fertilizer business Yara, said “This is the type of switchgear industry has been waiting for. Safer by design with a fully encapsulated and touch proof main current carrying system, more reliable, fewer components. Using this type of switchgear as a standard solution is a no brainer.”

Advanced technologies such as NeoGear change the way we work, produce, move, and power the world. Leveraging these technologies aligns with ABB’s position as a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. For more information, please visit the product's web page and campaign portal


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