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On World Environment Day, we take a tour of some of the ways our technology supports organizations, cities and communities in being more environmentally friendly


ABB’s Electrification business is helping write the future of safe, smart and sustainable electrification for a range of industries and businesses to create a more sustainable world. For example, ABB is supplying charging infrastructure to Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler ASKO for its growing fleet of electric trucks, enabling emissions-free distribution of groceries.


ABB has also provided its market-leading high voltage charging technology for the Volvo LIGHTS (Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions) project in the United States. The project in Southern California aims to transform goods movement by introducing zero-emission electric trucks and equipment into the market.


Taking e-mobility forward, ABB has supplied its heavy vehicle chargers to power electric buses in Chile helping the country take a step forward towards achieving its ambition of ensuring that 40 percent of its private vehicles and all public transport vehicles are electric by 2050.


E-mobility is completely clean only if it is powered by sustainable sources of energy. In India, ABB has created a network of solar-powered charging stations in Jabalpur for charging e-rickshaws – a commonly used mode of public transport there. This move is expected to drastically lower emissions.

Czech Republic

ABB is helping power a commercial greenhouse in Czech Republic, enabling the farm to offer fresh, pesticide-free produce all year round. Commercial greenhouses are increasingly seen as a more sustainable solution to importing large volumes of fresh produce with short shelf-lives.


With its wide range of products and services, ABB is helping several countries build sustainable communities. ABB has provided electric vehicle chargers and home automation solutions for a residential project near Qingdao city of Shandong province in China, creating a smart living space while allowing the residents to reduce their environmental impact and setting an example of how future communities can build a better world.


Some ABB factories in Vietnam feature electric vehicle chargers to encourage employees to use electric cars, utilize renewable sources of energy and ensure optimal usage of power through digital technology. This, in turn, aligns well with the country’s strategy of “green growth.”


This May, ABB completed a year of its ‘Mission to Zero’ initiative, a carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient blueprint for industry, homes and cities. Utilizing ABB technology at one of our sites, we demonstrated how energy can be used more efficiently. The initiative is playing a vital role in enabling sustainability across several sectors.

Outer space

While Earth’s environment is a strong focus for us, we are not limited by it. For instance, ABB technology is being applied to help obtain a better understanding of the physics of star formation and growth of black holes, which could potentially contribute to space exploration.

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up of stories demonstrating our work supporting the environment and beyond. If this has whetted your appetite, you can find more via


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