Transport infrastructure amplifies technological advances via smart emergency lighting

Transport infrastructure amplifies technological advances via smart emergency lighting

With Australia and New Zealand witnessing more than $100 billion in transport infrastructure project delivery over the next decade, the drive for smarter solutions across the value chain is as high as ever.

The sector faces challenges such as tight margins, demanding schedules and complex risk allocations, alongside the need to meet exacting quality standards, sustainability targets and more. The winners are those who master incremental improvement – finding better performance in construction and ongoing operations and maintenance in as many areas of a project’s scope as practical.

Recent enhancements across ABB’s emergency lighting technology – Stanilite® Economy and Platinum portfolios – have unlocked greater value for contractors and ongoing asset operators who are delivering and managing road, rail, bus and other transport infrastructure. Both ranges offer the advantage of the easiest installation, lowest maintenance and safest products in the market.

“Transport infrastructure is literally about keeping networks moving and that’s why our product design team keeps the whole lifecycle of an infrastructure project front-and-centre,” said Stephen Charlton, Global Product Manager (Asia) Emergency Lighting. “One major project alone can feature as many as 5,000 individual fixtures, and that’s where smart solutions and efficiency gains have a multiplier effect that makes a real difference.”

Market-leading benefits

Stanilite hardware uses the latest in LED and lithium iron phosphate battery technology – both of which offer long-life and low-maintenance value. Integrating leading technology converts into leading reliability, compliant with the latest Australian and New Zealand standards, and regarded as the best in the market.

Key to a superior cost proposition is the way the ABB Emergency Lighting team takes a whole-of-life perspective to drive value.

“We design with end users in mind – those tasked with installing emergency lighting, those responsible for ongoing monitoring and maintenance, and the wider public whose safety is paramount, particularly when you consider just how essential transport infrastructure is to our daily lives,” said Stephen.

Installers and maintainers benefit from solutions such as the Stanilite Quickfit® range and its industry-first steel slide and connect bracket. It provides an unmatched advantage during large-scale installations, enabling brackets to be installed in a separate step to lighting fixtures. It improves the efficiency of trades, protects assets during the final stages of infrastructure delivery and supports time savings during ongoing maintenance.

Beyond these hardware benefits, the Stanilite portfolio includes compatibility with Nexus® monitoring software – and now with the ground-breaking Nexus RF Infinity. Installers realise significant time and cost savings with features such as mobile phone commissioning and report distribution. Those smarts continue into long-term operations and maintenance value via easy integration with building management systems for single-point and remote monitoring across a network.

Diverse range creating fit-for-purpose choice

In the last decade, Stanilite products have been the preferred choice for more than 200 major transport infrastructure projects, spanning vehicular tunnels, bus stations, light and heavy rail stations, ports, and domestic and international airports.

The Stanilite Economy and Platinum ranges offer particular value for transport infrastructure including vandal-resistant and weatherproof emergency lighting solutions. They also offer a combined portfolio that gives asset owners and contractors an unparalleled ability to mix and match across various priorities, such as low cost, smart monitoring integration, design aesthetics and more – all with the assurance of compliance.

Showcasing transport infrastructure excellence

For Queensland Rail (QR), ABB provided a significant win when upgrading more than 130 stations and workshops in South East Queensland to deliver better monitoring capability. The Nexus RF system was robust enough to be unaffected by challenges such as high voltage circuits, moving trains and reinforced structures between levels. With safety the central priority for QR, the strength of the combined software and hardware solution meant it was easy to retrofit existing stations and integrate each station into the larger QR network for efficient remote monitoring and testing.

Fittings were selected from the energy-efficient Platinum range, ensuring reduced maintenance costs and disruption in the long run. QR was also able to pinpoint areas needing a higher classification product for improved lighting performance and full assurance of the system's ability to fulfil its safety obligations. More than 50 of the contracted 130 stations have been delivered to date, providing certainty at every stage of the rollout.

For asset owners, contractors, and operators and maintainers, the innovative Stanilite portfolio draws on the best of international emergency lighting advancements while being specifically matched to the standards and compliance requirements of Australia and New Zealand. The team continues to build on 45 years of engineering history, providing the confidence and proven track record that only come with experience.


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