Managing Process Performance

Our process performance unit - counting 25 specialists - has gained world class expertise in efficiently ensuring and sustaining a robust and optimal Process Performance over the last 20 years. Specially trained engineers, tailored methods, procedures, solutions, and tools have matured during the associated hands-on improvements to more than 40 different sites.

    Based on experience from working with more than 40 sites, we see that there are significant values that can be harvested from operational plants without adding equipment or instrumentation.

    Upsides in the range of what can be expected from costly process modifications introduced to de-bottleneck a plant, can be achieved by solving Process Performance issues with relatively simple measures that are non-trivial to identify and implement correctly. Such measures can be tuning of stabilizing control, re-design a certain control structure or introduce new control structures to automatically push operational constraints.

    So why are these opportunities often left untapped?

Our unique combination of extensive on-site experience and deep insight into analysis and improving process performance, makes us able to pinpoint issues, find opportunities - often large and hidden ones -and make non-intrusive changes with virtually no risk that make your production system behave in the way your operators, engineers, and management want.


  • increased operational flexibility

  • increased plant regularity and integrity

  • increased production

  • reduced off-specification production

  • reduced energy costs and environmental impact

  • reduced operator load

  • reduced equipment wear

What can we offer?

Process Performance Monitoring

This is a subscription service where we utilize process data, process schematics, our analytics platform and our specialists to look for improvements to process performance, and to detect degradation of performance over time. The service also includes commercial models for how the improvements can be realized.

Control loop monitoring                            

This is a subscription service focusing on control loop performance. Proven operational performance measures on loop level is combined with process understanding to track control loop performance over time and suggest improvements.

Process Performance Improvements

This is a service to troubleshoot or realize a specific improvement opportunity and includes activities such as:

  • Control loop tuning at site or remotely

  • Formulation of problem description and establish business case

  • Design, commissioning and tuning of new control structures

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