In our experience, the challenge to secure good process performance is more complex than what is often expected. To successfully improve and even identify potential improvements in industrial operations, an overview of several interacting components is required.
We often see that many customers are operating with a hidden improvement potential.

“Through non-invasive methods we apply our practical knowledge of the over-all system dynamics, and our impact is appreciated from the control room to the board room”

What is Process Performance?

Process Performance for your control room operators is how easy the process is to operate. For example, how much attention and manual intervention is required by the operator to;

    • maintain normal production
    • handle large disturbances
    • handle special operations such as start-up, switching between duty and standby equipment

Process Performance for your board room members is how optimally the process is operated. For example, how well are the operation team able to run the process over time with respect to;

    • risk of unplanned shutdowns
    • production efficiency
    • production consistency across shifts

Process Performance depends on the following interacting components:

Ambient conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, weather etc) and feed (rate, composition, temperature and pressures)

Mechanical equipment (pumps, valves, compressors etc) and internal conditions in the process (temperature, pressures etc)

Operator actions (setpoint changes, auto-manual switching, opening and closing of manual valves etc)

Control structure design (control loops, overall process control design )

Control Logic and Parametrization (function blocks and library, PID tuning parameters, timers, etc.)

Customer Testimonials

Teekay Knarr FPSO

Kjetil Hox, Start-up manager

"ABB was a central part of our successful ontime achievement of the first oil milestone. In retrospect, we see that we should have involved the ABB experts earlier."

Shell Ormen Lange

Arne Røsdal, Operations support supervisor

“With the expertise of ABB’s Integrated Operations team, it was easier to identify problems early and to solve them permanently”

Per Sælevik, Startup leader

“There is no doubt about the enormous usefulness of ABB’s tuning team when starting up the plant. They were one of the keys to the success,”

Shell Draugen

The data that ABB collects from the safety and automation systems at Draugen and Ormen Lange is continuously analyzed by Shell and ABB to find new ways to increase productivity. Several of these opportunities have led to increases in production.

What can we offer?

ABB Process Performance is a unit that has been working on solving practical control problems for 20 years. We are currently 25 specialists with MSc or PhD within process dynamics and control, modelling, simulation and optimization coupled with practical experience from design and commissioning of control solutions improving Process Performance on more than 40 sites. This large experience base has enabled us to mature tools, best practices and a library of typical control problems with associated proven solutions to robustly and efficiently deliver great Process Performance.

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