Process Autonomy

We have a lean pragmatic approach to deliver automated solutions to capture value and demonstrate relevance as early as possible. This approach can be applied in new builds, large modifications or for operational sites.


    An important aspect in the journey towards autonomy is to handle operator interactions with the control system to perform required operations. For fully autonomous operation, there will be no operator, which is a significant leap from todays situation where the control system is typically configured to support normal operation. Plant start-up or other special operations such as start and stop of equipment or routing, however, are often manually handled by the operator.

    As an example, the standard manual start-up found in offshore Oil & gas typically requires thousands of manual operations to be performed by the control room operator while monitoring hundreds of conditions. The degree of complexity and amount of manual operations lead to a long start-up time with no or low production. Automated plant start-up has large benefits compared to the conventional manual plant start-up.


Our experience

Our Process Performance unit has a long history of developing automated control solutions for specific operational challenges in Oil and Gas processing plants. 

Lately, we have been challenged to design and implement solutions supporting fully automated plant start-up.

These solutions are built utilizing more than 20 years of operational experience and deep technical expertise on process dynamics and control.


References Automated plant start-up

Customer confidential LNG plant

Automated plant start-up for a large LNG plant under implementation.

Customer confidential gas plant

Study to quantify value of fully automated plant start-up for a large onshore gas processing plant. Additional earnings in the range of 150 MNOK/year was estimated.

References Automated solutions

ABB Slug Management

ABB Slug Management is an autopilot for handling slugging flow from your wells and flow-lines. This solution has been delivered to several fields and is currently operational on 5 different flowlines.

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