Equinor Aasta Hansteen – One Button Start-up

    ABB Process Performance has worked on establishing automated start-up of the Aasta Hansteen FPSO from a full shutdown to full production. The vision for this work is to implement One Button Start-up, meaning that the plant will automatically start up by pressing a single button.

    The project is executed in a lean manner, gradually phasing in new components of the total solution. Each component can be initiated by the operator when it has been deployed. When all components of natural main step in the start-up is finalized, the main step will automatically initiate the relevant components.


  • 3600 operator clicks removed for each start-up. Frees up time for the operator to monitor the process and therefore also strengthen operator as a barrier.

  • 5,5 hours quicker start-up. Giving an additional 6 MSm3 gas production per start-up 

  • Reduced emissions and energy consumption. By removing unnecessary flaring and minimizing compressor recycle.

  • Faster initial start-up. Several improvements to control functions identified and fixed ahead of initial plant start-up. Also, One Button Start-up was utilized to improve start-up procedures and was utilized as check list by the operators as part of the initial manual start-ups before the system was commissioned.

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