Shell Ormen Lange - Advanced well ramp-up

    Shell selected ABB Process Performance to design a feedback control solution for ramping up the large gas wells at the Ormen Lange field while assuring well integrity and safety. The solution was developed to be like Adaptive Cruise Control is for a driver of a car. The operator will initiate the well ramp up, and the solution will ramp up the well as quickly as possible while satisfying several operational constraints which are set to protect the well.

    The first step was to clarify and quantify key operational constraints with the operations engineers. Next, analysis of historical process data and dedicated tests were carried out to assess the dynamics of the constraints. Then, a feedback control solution was designed, commissioned and put into operation.


  • Thanks to excellent monitoring and control of process dynamics, ramp-up speed is reduced from 9 down to 2 hours for a low pressure well, and 20 down to 6 hours for a high pressure well

  • This means respectively 7 and 14 hours less time spent on well ramp-up

  • Well integrity and safety is assured at the same time


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