Process Operability Assurance

Many of our customers struggle with adapting process controls of new assets or large modifications to the real world setting.

Our Process Operability Assurance services utilizes 20 years with operational experience from more than 40 sites to make sure the process control will work in practice and minimize amount of process control related issues popping up during initial plant start-up and early operations.


    In development projects for new assets or large modifications, the process control design is done in individual packages and systems, with limited coordination on the overall operability. There is also a very limited feedback from operations to projects related to what control solutions works well and what are less successful solutions. This results in many process operability issues being discovered during commissioning and start up. Consequences with this include:

    • Delayed production and waiting time offshore while process operability issues are being solved

    • Process control changes are implemented as quick fixes to circumvent the issue at hand, and may give unforeseen issues later in the start-up or later in normal operation

    • For integration of large modifications, or a tie-back, the result may even be interruption of production on the existing asset

Our experience

Our Process Operability Assurance services are aimed at efficiently reducing the amount of process operability issues being discovered during commissioning and start-up, thus significantly increasing the chance of meeting key milestones. In addition, good process operability will give higher up-time during the first years in operation.

Depending on the ambition of the modification or new build, our Process Operability Assurance engagement can be introduced at three phases of the project:

  1. Process Performance Start-up services

  2. Process Operability Review

  3. Process Control Design 


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