Shell Ormen Lange – Process Performance Start-up Services


    ABB Process Performance was responsible for adapting the process controls to the real world setting, by tuning of the control logic parameters and control structures.

    During the start-up phase, the team had one position on-site reporting to the start-up lead supported by an off-site team. 

    After the main start-up milestones were reached, the mode of support moved to being off-site based with sporadic on-site trips.


  • Estimated 3% increased production first year in operation

Customer Statement

  With the expertise of ABB’s Integrated Operations team, it was easier to identify problems early and to solve them permanently”

                                        Arne Røsdal, operations support supervisor for Ormen Lange, Norske Shell

There is no doubt about the enormous usefulness of ABB’s tuning team when starting up the plant. They were one of the keys to the success,”

                                    Per Sælevik, startup leader of Ormen Lange at Norske Shell.

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