Process Operability Review

Normally, the EPC and package vendors provides the process control design to the automation vendor for implementation. The implementation is then checked towards the design input, however, a functional verification of the of the process control design is typically not performed.

Consequences with the normal approach include:

  • Delayed production and waiting time offshore while process operability issues are being solved.

  • Process control changes are implemented as quick fixes to circumvent the issue at hand, and may give unforeseen issues later in the start-up or later in normal operation.

  • For integration of large modifications, or a tie-back, the result may even be interruption of production on existing asset.


Operability Review

The control structure design supplied by the EPC and package vendors will be checked with respect to overall process operability. This service is done by reviewing design documents (such as P&IDs, control narratives or SCD's) towards our checklists and library of challenging control problems with known working and non-working control solutions.

Extended virtual commissioning

If a plant simulator is available this will be utilized to verify that the control logic supports planned operations and to confirm identified operability issues from the operability review and as a tool to identify more complex issues, hard to identify on paper.

Operability Fix

For the issues discovered, re-engineering of the relevant process control design will be supplied as mark-ups on existing control documentation. The actual implementation will be handled by the automation project.


Equinor Aasta Hansteen – Process Operability Review

For Aasta Hansteen FPSO, ABB Process Performance reviewed key systems and found 57 operability issues ahead of the process start-up. All issues was fixed by re-engineering the process control logic.


Estimated customer value
    • 40 days reduced downtime

    • 2700 man-hours saved during commissioning

    • Less stress on equipment

    • Less quick-fixes done offshore


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