ABB breaks new ground on the North Sea floor

Tyrihans is located in the Halten Bank area of the Norwegian Sea, 35km south-east of the Kristin field, in roughly 285m of water. It has been developed with a total of 12 wells, some multilateral, breaking down to nine for production, two for gas injection and one for the injection of unprocessed seawater. The wells also include the use of smart well technology for improved recovery from subsea-completed fields. All the wells are connected to five subsea templates.

ABB-designed system that uses an underwater cable to connect a pump motor on the floor to a frequency converter on an oil platform 31 kilometers away has passed a string test for the Tyrihans oil field.

ABB installed an ABB ACS1000 frequency converter on the platform will ensure the pump motor at the extraction site runs at optimal voltage. ABB carried out extensive dynamic simulations to determine how the electrical systems would behave to solve the challenge of vast distance separating motor and converter. Simulations showed that it was possible to meet the customer's technical requirements, and also supplied important input for the design of additional equipment ABB is supplying to this project, including special transformers, control software for the frequency converter and system controller software. In addition, ABB supplied the biggest subsea transformer it has ever deliveried for the injection skid on the sea floor.

Main data


Statoil Hydro


Halten Bank area of the Norwegian Sea

Customer need: Reliable power for subsea systems


Combined topside transformers
Subsea transformers
ACS1000 topside frequency converter
Application control software
System studies



Customer benefits:

Reliable power and optimized motor speed and control

Commissioning year:


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